FXCM deals in currency trading, Forex trading, Forex and Online Currency Trading. They have one of the most comprehensive sites online and engulf in it almost all of the needed information.

Trading in Forex through FXCM can be done in many languages: English, Spanish, French, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Portuguese, German, Italian and Arabic. They have a lot of offices all over the world and can allow themselves to offer online support 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

The site offers a lot of information but short and concise. You can open up a free practice account, A real mini account for only $300, and you can also enlist in a Forex online course. The site claims that over 4,000 new traders join them on a monthly basis, being regulated in three continents, it has attracted over 50,000 Forex accounts. Other than that marketing fiasco, other promotions are in effect and there are prizes to be won.

You can choose from a free currency trading demo account, a free download of the trading software and there is even a video walk through that explains the whole trading process.

This site comes highly recommended because of the vast information in it. For example newcomers have a whole section where they can learn what is Forex Trading, how to get started, the difference between forex and Equities, and there is also some courses and workshops. Active traders also have a whole section dedicated for them.

Live chat, 24h 7days a week support, and plenty of educational facilities makes FXCM one of the best programs out there.

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