FXSol – Advantage, Trader. Simplified Forex Trading with Premier Forex Trading System.

FX Solutions is a Forex trading software platform that offers currency trading in English, Spanish and Chinese.

You can sign up for a free practice account where you can see how you do with $10,000 and then you can open a real account for only $250. FXSol has some promotions offering prizes for a Forex Championship. You can win up to $20,000 dollars.

The following tools are offered on the site:

  1. Forex Basics
  2. Further Education
  3. Free Practice Account
  4. A good spreads and Margins explanation
  5. A portfolio of services
  6. A concise description of the company.

On the surface, FXSol looks like a good company to get to know. It also offers online live support and is recommended. The fact that it has a practice account is definitely a plus.

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